ccllogo  With all the organizational demands and pressures of leading, our jobs are taking a toll. Globe-trotting execs are exhausted by time changes and brutal schedules. Employees are stressed-out, anxious and sleep deprived. And, it seems, everyone is just a bit more edgy about keeping their jobs and making ends meet.

When leaders are stressed and worn out, the consequences are deeply felt at a personal level. Stress affects us physically, generating a range of problems including:

  • Allergies, flu-like symptoms, colds
  • Backaches, stiff neck, tight shoulders
  • Headaches, memory problems, difficulty in concentrating
  • Sadness, depression, fatigue
  • Heavy appetite or reduced appetite
  • Quick temper, difficulty sleeping

When we’re exhausted and stressed, most of us don’t treat ourselves well. Many busy executives are self-medicating — whether it’s coffee, colas and energy drinks by day or a drink with a sleep aid by night. We overeat, or don’t eat, or eat the wrong things. Exercise quickly drops off the to-do list.

Read the 6 tips leaders can use for stress-relief.

The High Price of Stress: 6 Ways to Cut Your Cost
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