ccllogo  Today’s managers are not lacking ideas, theories and information intended to make them better leaders. But often the latest concepts fail to help them tackle truly complex, rapidly evolving or overwhelming challenges. If you’re looking for a fresh take on leadership development, consider the Complex Challenge (C2) Competencies as your answer to what’s next.

The C2 Competencies are six skills . each with an array of techniques and options for implementation . that enable individuals, teams and organizations to shift their thinking and sense-making processes. They enable us to be more reflective and process complex information in a way that complements and enhances our typical repertoire of business and analytical skills.

C2 Competencies’ six skills are:C2 Competencies

  1. Paying Attention
  2. Personalizing
  3. Imaging
  4. Serious Play
  5. Collaborative Inquiry
  6. Crafting

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The C2 Competencies: A Leader’s Answer to What’s Next
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