It’s a sad fact that pretty much everybody knows people who have lost their jobs in this recession. But sometimes, hard times can turn into opportunity. An article in USA Today states that a recession is a great time to start a business. Did you know that Trader Joe’s, Disney and Hewlett-Packard started during recessions? But it’s not just big companies arising in troubled times. Many mompreneurs view the recession as an opportunity to launch their businesses. Starting a business at any time is hard work. But these economic times create a fierce desire for success. Many moms are rethinking their careers after being let go or thinking about what career move works best for their families, and more than a few are choosing to chase their dreams rather than be at the mercy of an employer. After losing their jobs, what do they have to lose?

Certified meeting planner Cynthia Capizzo has worked in the meeting and event planning business for 15 years. She’s always been an employee and gave 100 percent to whatever task was ahead of her. In the back of her head, she always wondered why she didn’t work for herself. But being a wife and mom, it didn’t seem practical to leave a steady job to become an entrepreneur. That was, until a golden handshake turned into a golden opportunity. Capizzo was recently laid off when the company she worked for was slated to close due to the poor economy. While at first concerned about her future, Capizzo decided it was time to launch her dream. She had nothing to lose. She is now launching CC Meetings & Events, the business she always dreamed of. In Capizzo’s business, she doesn’t need lots of startup capital. She just needs a great network of contacts and venues, which she’s built over the span of her career. Because she works from home and isn’t carrying a team of employees, she can keep prices down for customers but still offer them the same great service. While Capizzo is nervous about the future, she’s excited to launch her new company and views the current economic milieu as a great opportunity to do so in her particular market.

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When Recession Equals Opportunity:: Mompreneur
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