BusinessWeek… While a few schools do require communications courses, most of the estimated 90,000 people who graduate with MBAs each year in the U.S. aren’t required to take courses designed to improve their presentation skills. With that in mind, I put together five essentials all business owners should be aware of when presenting, regardless of where they want to school or how many degrees they earned.

You should take center stage—not the slides themselves. I can’t tell you how many MBAs present their slides like this: “As you can see on the slide, this chart shows…” Outstanding communicators, however, do not use slides as a crutch. Their slides are highly visual and incorporate less data than you might expect, forcing the audience to focus on the speaker, not the slides. The slides act as a complement to the speaker and not the other way around. Of course, quantifiable data is very important and must be included to support your points. But be sure to balance your data-heavy slides with slides that have more images and fewer words.

Read these few tips here.

Presentation Lessons You Didn’t Learn in B-School
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