The Economist… Business needs more people like “juror number eight”. Mr Fonda’s character has the courage to question the rationale for important decisions—even if that means swimming against the tide. Poor decisions in risk management and a host of other areas have helped plunge many of the world’s largest banks and other financial outfits into a seemingly bottomless abyss.

Financial firms are not the only ones that have made mistakes. So, too, have business giants such as Yahoo!, which rejected a $40 billion takeover offer from Microsoft in February 2008, only to see its share price plunge. The woes of GM and Chrysler, which have been forced to grovel for government handouts, are evidence not just of the scale of the downturn but of the decisions in the upper echelons of the two American car giants.

Interesting view by the Economist. Read it here.

Managers do the daftest things

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