“…. Although this is controversial, nonetheless, in crisis-like situations, we sometimes tend to believe in combat or military like-leadership… “-Mouaz

NewsweekAround your head bullets snap by, close enough that you can hear them break the sound barrier as they pass. You don’t know where your men are. You don’t know where your enemies are. You only know chaos. In the back of your mind, one question rings out over and over: “What now, lieutenant?”

Combat presents a never-ending stream of crises on the front lines. The junior officers of our armed forces, nearly all of them veterans of multiple combat tours, have become adept at leading and succeeding in some of the most difficult situations imaginable. Given the economic chaos gripping our nation, lessons learned in the crucible of combat are now applicable at home. Executives from Citigroup, the former Merrill Lynch and AIG could stand to learn a thing or two from the selfless sacrifice routinely exhibited by the 18- to 24-year-olds serving on the front lines.

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Combating Tough Times
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