…”Although I’ve never heard of Mr.Coe, but being successful sportsman, businessman and politican brings fruitful insights to business leaders. Skimm thru his tips even if you know most of them.. I found some of these to be inspirational..” – Mouaz.

TelegraphI am often asked what motivates me to succeed, and how I apply the skills I learned as a runner to my roles in politics and business. The answers to the first question are a passion for the job in hand and a wish to be the best I can be; the answer to the second is that I apply them daily.

There are common traits to successful leaders in any field: imagination, tenacity, the ability to listen, intuition and intelligence. Equally important is the ability to focus and stay on track for as long as it takes, self-management, an element of charisma, a degree of talent and sheer personal courage.

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20 ways to win in business

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