BusinessWeekIt happened again. Maybe the boss broke his or her word, bad-mouthed you, or torpedoed your promotion. You’re not surprised. Your boss already ignores your ideas, talks down to you, and expects you to be a mind-reader. And that doesn’t even count the eavesdropping. What’s worse, your boss won’t talk about it with you, telling you to “move on.” as if nothing ever happened. O.K., you’ve been saddled with a bad boss.

Having to answer to a boss is a fact of working life. But what are your options when you’re undermined by the person whose goodwill you need? Sure, you can lash out or call human resources. Unfortunately, companies are like Vegas casinos: The house always wins. Still, you have options. When the anger starts to boil, consider the following:

Don’t Act Immediately

Initially, you’ll want to fight back. You may fantasize about writing a blistering critique of your rotten boss…and e-mailing it to the CEO. And those thoughts aren’t necessarily harmful. But thoughts don’t have to lead to action. Sure, your boss may be small-minded, two-faced, spineless, and technically inept. But would a dramatic gesture be worth the lost salary? Is it worth a hole in your résumé, the one you’ll be explaining for years to come? This isn’t the economy to choose pride over practicality.

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How to Handle a Bad Boss
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