“… Roy and Walt Disney are unique formule of successful integration of Leadership and Management, vision and execution, and the ability to dream and ability to deliver. During my MBA Business Leadership Course, I researched and discussed this unique model of successful Roy and Walt thoroughly and undoubtedly concluded that both models are indispensable for corporations survival, visionaries alone don’t succeed without execution arm, and delivery-focused managers will get lost unless a vision is worked out. there is a wide difference between creating and executing ideas and this is what this article is all about. Enjoy this article by Maddock and Louis Vitón from Business Week” – Mouaz

BusinessWeekPerhaps no other country celebrates innovation the way America does.

This passion for inventions started early in our history. Did you know that George Washington signed the First U.S. Patent Grant on July 31, 1790, and the patent examiner was none other than Thomas Jefferson? (Thank you, Google (GOOG)!) In America, we’re reminded of the life-changing power of inventiveness every day. Some of the greatest inventors of yesterday spawned the greatest brands of today. What do the names Chrysler, Coleman, Goodyear (GT), Campbell (CPB), Colt, and Edison mean to you? Cars, tents, tires, soup, guns, and the electric lightbulb, of course.

When you dig a little deeper, you start to notice an incredibly important aspect of inventiveness: For every yin, there must be a yang.

For example, the next time you are marveling at the wonders of Disney (DIS), make sure you remember Roy. While Walt was dreaming about his Magic Kingdom and making a mouse talk, his brother Roy was actually making sure that Walt’s dreams would come true. Roy was the operational genius; a yin for Walt’s yang.

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Are You a Walt Disney or a Roy Disney?
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