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Center for Creative Leadership┬áIs your image an asset or a liability? Contrary to popular thinking, image isn’t just a surface issue. Your image is strongly tied to your effectiveness as a leader. A recent study of executives who attended the Center for Creative Leadership’s Leadership at the Peak program revealed that the leader’s image has a significant impact on perceptions of that person’s leadership skills.

In the study, a strong image was closely tied to the following attributes: the ability to lead change, having a dynamic style, competency in strategic planning, showing an enterprising attitude, inspiring commitment, displaying original thinking and coming across as a true executive.

CCL’s Corey Criswell writes that a leader’s image is built at a first meeting, over time, and through the media by the leader’s personality, behavior, body language and speaking style. Criswell offers the following six tips to hone one’s leadership image:

No. 1: Warm up. Leaders don’t need to be serious to be taken seriously. A smile and some warmth are good things. Leaders who are overly reserved seem wooden, stiff and uncaring.

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Crafting Your Leadership Image

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