Center for Creative Leadership The role of a global leader has a particular complexity, one that is categorically different from the complexity faced by domestic and even regional leaders. To be an effective global leader, you must be able to operate amid myriad challenges. The research and experience of CCL shows that the leap from being a successful manager in your home country to a global leader is a big one. Previously successful strategies and preferred ways of leading may not translate well in a global setting.

The rules of engagement understood by one group or culture may not be relevant to another. This creates an environment of multiple complexities.

Listen to some of the challenges leaders face when working in a global environment:

Challenge #1 – Handling culture conflicts. Global leaders work across multiple cultural groups simultaneously. They face situations or incidents in which priorities or values may conflict. Sometimes the cultural conflict is glaring; more likely, the differences are subtle and easy to miss.

… Interesting podcast, listen or read the transcript here.

Global Leaders: The Reality of Multiple Complexities

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