Center for Creative Leadership To break down one of the biggest myths of an effective leader, consider the night sky.

The myth would have us believe that the executive is a lone star on the horizon, guiding others to follow. The vision is fixed on that star.

Reality is quite different, however. While research for the Center for Creative Leadership shows executives are forward looking and insightful, studies also show that a good executive is far from that lone, isolated star guiding a company solo. Instead, CCL and “Unbalanced Leadership” author Pete Hammett find that the best strategies aren’t handed down from above by one person. They’re developed, discovered and enhanced by a team approach. To use our sky analogy, the successful executive would be the key star in a constellation, not an isolated body set in the distance and expecting others to follow from afar.

Hammett says a myth of an effective leader is that those chiefs should be the source for all strategy. They see their own opinions as coming from years of experience. They’re confident. They’re intelligent, therefore they build the idea in their own minds that their vision for an organization must be the best.

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The Myth of Elegant Reasoning

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