Center for Creative Leadership Is it possible to work with and manage people from all generations effectively without pulling your hair out? Absolutely, says the Center for Creative Leadership’s Jennifer Deal. The following ten truths about generational conflict, gleaned from a seven-year study at CCL, may help you look past the stereotypes and become a more effective leader to people of all ages. Let’s look at each finding in depth:

Truth #1 – all generations have similar values. Many people think there are enormous differences in values between older and younger people. However, CCL’s research has proven that different generations actually have fairly similar values. “Family” is the value chosen most frequently by people of all generations. Other shared values included integrity, achievement, love, competence, happiness, self respect, wisdom, balance and responsibility.

Truth # 2 – everyone wants respect. We often hear that younger people are disrespectful of older employees and people in authority. We also hear complaints that older people show no respect for younger talent and ideas. The reality is that everyone wants respect – they just don’t define it in the same way.

… Interesting article on handling managers, peers and even subordinates from different generations. Read the full article or listen to the podcast here.

10 Principles for Working Across Generations

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