Center for Creative Leadership┬áHave you been told you need to be “more strategic” in your current job? Is your organization faltering when it comes to connecting its vision and mission with the daily demands of the work? Do you struggle to balance short-term and long-term pressures?

Much is made of the importance of strategy in today’s organizations. A well-crafted, well-implemented strategy and the best strategic thinkers are seen as essential to an organization’s long-term success. Even so, managers and executives often struggle to move strategy beyond setting direction or goals and toward an on-going process of transforming and sustaining the organization.

“The missing piece is what we call strategic leadership,” says Katherine Beatty, a faculty member of the Center for Creative Leadership. “The focus of strategic leadership is the enduring success of the organization, and the work of strategic leadership is to drive the organization so that it will thrive in the long term.”

…Good truths and myths on strategic role of leaders… Read the full article or listen to this podcast here.

Becoming a Strategic Leader

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