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Harvard Business Publishing You’re in the elevator with the hiring manager of Dream-Job Corporation. As the door slides shut, you feel a combination of adrenaline and slight nausea: you’ve got 15 seconds, if that, to communicate your value as a potential employee in a compelling way — just 15 seconds to cram in a whole resume’s worth of work and accomplishments and late nights and successes. There’s so much you want to say, but your message has got to be crisp, tailored, to-the-point. Handle this one right, and you’ll be the newest member of the Dream-Job team. Flub it up, and you’re back to scanning listings on Monster.com. What are you supposed to say?

Here are the five key things to know and do in order to make your elevator pitch successful

…Learn these five tips here.

How to Perfect an Elevator Pitch About Yourself

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