Forbes At a time when Main Street is calling for the scalps of business titans from John Thain, the former chief executive officer of Merrill Lynch, to Ken Lewis, CEO of Bank of America, somehow Donald Trump remains unscathed. Not just unscathed but extremely popular.

NBC just announced that it will pick up Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice program for another year. His namesake casino may have filed for Chapter 11 in February, but there are still a lot of leadership lessons we can learn from the Donald.

He has mastered the art of defining the core values of his brand and leveraging his brand equity to appeal to a wide customer base. In a time when consumers are seeking to stretch their shopping dollars further than ever before by buying brands they trust and know are of good value, companies absolutely need to define themselves and differentiate themselves. The winners will be those who carve out and cultivate their brand positions. They can take many cues from Trump.

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Genuine Business Lessons From Donald Trump

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