Just after I made my last post, several things came across my desk that said: Nope, you aren’t crazy after all. First, my colleague Matt Crawford sent me this link to coverage of the role of PMOs in the downturn. According to the CIO of the Baylor Health Care System,

“Anytime you add what might appear to be a process, you always get a little bit of pushback,” [Muntz] said. “But the benefits are huge – how we justify our employees, managing our resources, asking for more resources and how we spend our time … “

Clicking through on the link to information about “staff resources” in the article leads to another piece highlighting how the CIO of Roseville, CA used project portfolio management to lop a cool $680,000 off his $10 million budget. The key point that I draw from both these articles, as well as from our own recent research on PMOs and Resource Management, is that the PMO is a powerful nexus of people and processes; companies that use this organizational structure wisely can invest wisely, cut costs wisely, preserve valuable resources wisely … and avoid the worst dislocations of recession.

Read full article here.

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