‘…stress is the name of the game in this recession. No matter how we deny it, most of us live stressed in away or another. These three tips from Harvard Business Publishing worth considering. ‘ Mouaz.

The recession has taken an emotional toll on all of us. Watch out for these signs of stress:

1-Working too hard. When times are tough, we tend to double our efforts. Putting in 10-hour days will not save your company from the recession — it will tire you out and render you ineffective.

2-Loss of self. Stress can cause us to withdraw or do things out of character. If you’re losing your personality or skipping things that used to be important to you, step back and evaluate your stress level.

3-Delusions of grandeur. We all like to think we’re important. However, it is unlikely that your job directly affects the fate of your entire company. Keep your role in perspective — taking a break won’t break the company.

Check this quick tip online by visiting: http://hbdm.harvardbusiness.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=061709

3 Signs of Stress to Watch Out For
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