Social networking tools are becoming more as buzz creation force. The following tip from Harvard Business Publishing offers free advice to companies to use products-passionate people to market on their behalf. Yes indeed, iPhone lovers created tens of blogs and specific groups in facebook, myspace and tweeting about it all the day.

In fact, this is already there. Customers are doing pretty good job to attract new customers for specific company or brand. I think no much hard work is need by CMO’s or marketing departments. What truly is needed RBL or Rewarding By Listening. Customers, while marketing your company product, and hence rocket firing your sales, they want to be listened to, by having fair price, good quality and consistent customer service. Nothing more!

Go thru Harvard tip below and let’s hope the discussion evolves towards RBL or rewarding and not just marketing.

Have you ever loved a product or service so much that you couldn’t wait to tell everyone you know about it? All over the web, people’s passion for products has led them to share their love via YouTube videos, blog posts, and Facebook groups. These “natural” spokespeople have created valuable buzz and initiated sales growth — all for free. Find your most devout customers and ask them to rave on their blogs or create Facebook groups in support of your product. If there are already natural spokespeople out there singing your product’s praises, harness that passion for free.’

This tip can be found here:

Use Customer Passions to Grow Sales
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