… Outperform is the key word! It rings Jack Welch word in my mind; Overdeliver. — Mouaz.

‘When working on a new project, many of us reach a breaking point and give up when things start getting difficult. Recognizing what makes you throw in the towel, and understanding your threshold is critical to exceeding your goals and pumping up your passion.

Social scientist Mihalyi Csikszentmihalyi studies the behavior of highly successful people. He found that when high-achievers are performing at their best, they are all able to manage what he calls “flow.”

What happens when someone is in flow?

1- Lost sense of time

2-It feels easy to perform (interesting to note since high-achievers are at the top of their respective skill heaps and bring complex skill sets to the table).

3-Lack of self-consciousness during the event, while feeling a better sense of self afterward

4-Feelings of elation and contentment, almost simultaneously.

So how do you become one of these high-achievers? Take note of your emotional state while you’re starting a new venture or tackling a new skill.

Flow is the space between anxiety, frustration and boredom. When a person is in flow they are able to access deep wells of knowledge, skill and motivation. This is when high-achievers outperform others. Your skill level in relation to the challenges your face causes anxiety and boredom when trying to accomplish your goals. When the challenge is high and the skills are low, apprehension sets in and can damper your motivation to continue. Yet, when the challenge is low and your skills are high, you’re likely to get bored and have the tendency to give up.

Here are some quick tips for staying charged up and in flow:

1-When you begin a venture, the challenge of it keeps you revved up so that you can keep on humming along at extraordinary levels. As you become more skilled, the challenge is reduced. You might feel like you’re losing your edge. If you’re bored, handicap yourself. For instance, time yourself while doing tasks, be more critical about quality, add a more difficult element, start another division to your company or design a new product.

… Learn these tips at Entrepreneur.com site: http://www.entrepreneur.com/management/managementcolumnistscotthalford/article202440.html

5 Tips to Become a High-Achiever
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