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‘Many managers rely on words to add value to ideas, products, and presentations. However, there are many situations where keeping your mouth shut is the most valuable thing you can do:

Overselling. When the customer’s face indicates she’s going to buy, don’t describe one more product feature. It’s unnecessary and may trigger an objection the customer had not thought of.

Undermining. Don’t start a meeting, presentation or even a sentence by saying you are ill-prepared or unequipped. It is disrespectful to your audience and undermines your authority.

Stating the obvious. Don’t challenge basic assumptions by assuring people about things they have already taken as a given. Starting a presentation with “the projector won’t break down” leaves everyone wondering when it’s going to break down.’

… Read the full article here: http://hbdm.harvardbusiness.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=070109

When Saying Less is Saying More
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