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‘We have all skimmed an email — or simply deleted it — because it didn’t seem immediately important or useful. That was likely not the author’s intention. These four tips will help your email be read, not trashed:

1-Delete redundancies. If a reader senses repetition, she is likely to start skimming or stop reading altogether.

2-Use specifics. Replace adjectives and adverbs with numbers or examples. “This large mistake is costing us lots of money” is better said, “This mistake is costing $1 million a month.”

3-Stay on topic. If a sentence doesn’t relate to your main point, delete it.

4-Shorten. Many people read emails on a mobile device. Keep in mind that an email with only 10 sentences looks like a lengthy missive on a Blackberry screen.’

… Read the full article at Harvard Business Publishing: http://hbdm.harvardbusiness.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=070209

4 Tips for Writing Emails That People Will Read
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