“Training yourself to avoid micromanaging others is one thing; but handling controlling tendencies toward your own work can be even harder. Here are three ways to keep the micromanager in you from impeding your own progress:

1-Keep your eyes on the prize. Don’t focus on details before the big picture is laid out. Keep the larger project goal in mind and resist temptation to dive into minutiae.

2-Don’t second guess yourself. You’ll inconvenience yourself and the people who work for you if you shift project direction midstream. Take a complete pass through a project before deciding to change course.

3-Micromanage when it’s time. Almost every project requires some detail work. When you reach that point, unleash the micromanager in you and handle it.”

… Read the full article at Harvard Business Publishing here: http://hbdm.harvardbusiness.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=070909

3 Ways to Avoid Micromanaging Yourself
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