… Though this is controversial and others perceive President Obama as effective; nonetheless; business leaders can learn much from these tips. Let’s not forget leading in politics has it’s own norms; dynamics and accordingly different measurements for what can perceived as effective. – Mouaz.

It’s a case that might stump Sherlock Holmes. President Obama has a superior intellect, a keen grasp of history, powerful analytical skills…and yet, something’s missing.

The Obama Presidency is continually, easily disrupted by featherweight PR flacks, junior political hacks, run-of-the-mill lobbyist attacks, cliques that run with the pack, and debates that veer off-track. Why doesn’t anybody have Obama’s back?

President Obama is an ineffective leader, one unable to transform power into policy, resources into action. Here’s why — and how not to make the same mistakes whenever and wherever you’re called on to lead.

Horse-trade with hardliners. Effective leaders only negotiate with those who are willing to negotiate. Granting concessions to those who won’t reciprocate is a surefire recipe for failure. Instead of negotiating with hardliners, leaders sideline and marginalize them.

Impatience. Great leaders are patient — and they never cave quickly. Many never cave, period. It took all of six months for Obama to abandon the health care reform Democrats have fought decades for. That kind of impatience is a surefire recipe for leadership failure: adversaries know they can get the better of you with little investment.

Trade courage for detachment. Mr Miyagi taught Daniel-san that fighting is for wimps — but he also taught Daniel-san that when bullies bring the fight to you, fight back as publicly and honorably as possible. Sometimes, bullies need to be taught a lesson. When you’re trying to lead — but others shout you down — the time for softball is over. In situations of coercion, your power as a leader is never more necessary.”

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Obama’s 10 Leadership Mistakes (And How Not to Make Them)

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