This piece is quite interesting to know: “Research conducted by the MIT Media Lab successfully predicted the outcome of negotiations and business plan pitches with 80% accuracy just by analyzing participants’ body language (and completely ignoring words, ideas and arguments). The studies also predicted, with similar accuracy, the success of sales calls by listening only to voice fluctuations, not the words themselves.”

“Want to lead, assure and enchant? Learn how to disguise your inner imposter.

Ever felt half-present in a conversation because inside you were drowning in self-doubt?

You may think those dark thoughts are playing out inside your head, but they’re also splashed across your face. At best, the person you’re talking to has a gut feeling that something’s off. At worst, those micro-expressions–the small fissures rippling across your forehead, around your cheeks and near your mouth–may lead her to think you are reacting to something she said, when in fact your mind is working over a completely unrelated conflict.

Self-criticism is often called the silent killer of business: So many executives suffer from it, yet few will admit it. In the extreme, self-doubt blooms into an “impostor syndrome”–a condition in which victims feel utterly incompetent and it is just a matter of time before they are exposed as frauds. Michael Uslan, producer of the Batman movies (including the latest blockbuster,
The Dark Knight), still gets that feeling occasionally on the set. “I still have this background feeling that one of the security guards might come in and throw me out,” he says.”

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How To Amp Up Your Charisma

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