Why Shoppers Switch: Booz&Co Survey

A very interesting survey. It reveals how shoppers switch brands in response to different marketing strategies and tactics. Amazingly is to see that a well design huge sign in new product’s shelf might get shoppers attention and accordingly influence their buying decisions.

Also, it is very much surprising to see how incentives, loyalty cards and discounts came at the bottom of the marketing influencing techniques in all categories GMA/Booz&Co/Shespeaks examined!

A New Framework for Business Models

“Quick: Describe your company’s business model.

Having trouble? That wouldn’t surprise me. In reality, there isn’t really any consensus about what the term “business model” even means. Suggestions range from the all-encompassing, everything-in-your-value-chain approach to the reductionist “A business model is nothing else than a representation of how an organization makes (or intends to make) money.”

That latter definition is from Peter Drucker. And while I applaud his attempt to reach for the essence of the idea, I think he went too far. A business model has to specify more than just how a company intends to make money. It also needs to include some information about why a customer would ever want to give the company any money.