Listen To Competitors Not Customers : Another perspective

Adam Hartung produced an interesting; yet controversial piece for leaders. For decades, mottos as ‘customer is always right’, ‘ follow the customer’ and similar practices and focus on voices of customers overwhelmed managers, leaders and products innovators and designers. Companies used to continually listen to customers, alter their processes, add extra features or produce new model based on customers feedback. Marketing managers excelled in investigating means to collect, analyze, synthesize and transform customers’ inputs and feedbacks to workable products or services. Hartung is providing different perspective! Leaders have to listen to their competitors, or actually, observe and monitor their competitors moves. Though I do see this as a new management trend or marketing shift, I tend to feel that; for the last decade, corporations innovation and change management programmes got twisted and diverted from reality; a cycle of hype overwhelmed blindly executives and diverted their efforts. I tend to relate these failures Hartung indicated to a more organizational-related problem rather than understanding competitors moves.

‘People aren’t listening’ say risk managers

More than one in eight risk managers believe that they are ignored by their employer, according to data from Whitehead Mann, the City headhunter.

The firm spoke to more than 50 professionals involved in compliance and internal audit at companies in the FTSE 100 and found that half of them did not believe that they had sufficient influence to manage risk properly at their organisation.