Money Is Not The Best Motivator

This article could possibly be one of the best I’ve read in motivational theories and practices. The authors; Katzenbach and Khan, had articulated the importance of emotional motivation wonderfully, especially in their discussion of the young lady at the Marines. Undoubtedly, I am one of the fans of the non-monetary motivational school. Managers have to quit the idea that money only motivates people. It is not the only, it is one of the means to motivate people. In my daily discussions with peers and superiors, I frequently refer to this idea and try to portray an implementation of the famous Maslow Pyramid into this understanding and into understanding what motivates people and how to best attend to these. Different people, at different organizational positions have different motivational needs, and their managers should address such needs appropriately.

Katzenbach and Khan focus on this article is to simply tell that money is not always the solution, emotional and pride-based motivation does do the job as well. Basically, I prefer to look into it from different perspective, the perspective of Abraham Maslow. Maslow pyramid (to refresh your mind) is depicted as follows: