Mouaz is a business-oriented and delivery-focused ICT program manager. His primary concentration is on Enterprise engagements that make optimal difference and positive change on enterprise, people and local communities’ lives. His professional interests span over wide spectrum of domains as Project Portfolio Management; PMO setup and management at different levels of Project, Program and Portfolio, Organizational Project & Portfolio Management Maturity, Organizational Excellence and Performance Management, IT & Portfolio Governance.

Mouaz holds a Master degree in Business Administration with Distinction from University of Liverpool. His primary focus on his studies was on IT Project Portfolio Management ‘PPM’; as a mechanism to bridge the gap between strategies development and deployment

By scanning hundreds of published books, articles and reports on IT PPM, two case studies, and online survey, Mouaz examined the definition and practice of IT PPM, its relation to corporate strategy development and execution, corporate governance, integration with PMO’s, Maturity models, and other disciplines. Eventually, Mouaz proposed a model to implement an IT PPM practice in today’s modern organization; in a way to ensure visibility, alignment, maximization and balance.

Being an Entrepreneur himself, Mouaz demonstrates unique passion and interests in Entrepreneurship, Strategic Marketing, Leadership theories, models and practices in today’s sophisticated business environment.

As a true believer on people and their capabilities, Mouaz work relentlessly to develop, coach and mentor people, and help organizations excel and people develop. Mouaz motto is: ‘You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit’. Harry Truman.

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