I incredibly forced myself to watch the almost two hour Apple keynote for the launch of the iPhone 5. I relentlessly scrutinize every word, gesture, phrase, signal and a move to try finding Jobs touch, magic or spirit! Cook was unequivocally rehearsing like a tape recorder, Schiller was sweating and overwhelmingly skimming slides full of technical jargons, Forstall was boringly presenting what everyone knew about iOS 6 and couldn’t tell us how the new iPhone marries well with iOS6 and eventually, the boring, unseen before and unknown gentleman (and he remains) who presented the iPods lineup.

This whole thing reminded me that there is always a dreamer, a true dreamer, a game changer, a doer; a visionary, with unique vision, a missionary; a leader, a superior one… and then a manager. There are many managers; good ones by the way; but few leaders, very few game changers!

A few of us knows that there is Roy besides Walt Disney. Nonetheless, it is Walt legacy that out-lived his. The same is with Bill Gates and Paul Allen, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak.

Apple is now Tim Cook; the other Wozniak but without Jobs. This is why I couldn’t feel any passion, momentum or magic. Maybe, Jony Ive should have taken the stage instead of shooting ads behind the scenes. At least, he was the closest to Jobs and hypothetically carries his vision and passion.

RIP Jobs… To be RIP Apple.

A Thought!
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