Gone are the days where products are launched for the US market first. Winning companies realized this fact early and optimized their supply chain so to handle several international markets concurrently with the US; at least for the G7 or 8 countries. This’s how Apple sold 5 millions iPhone 5 in the first weekend of the product launch. Nokia and RIMM are known to master the same effective chain management during their golden years.

Since the first Kindle, Amazon failed to learn that the rules of the game have changed and for them to dominate markets and win fast, they have to act fast, produce fast and distribute fast, especially in an almost commodity market like eReaders in which beginners like kobo are making breakthrough products like Kobo Glo and Mini and are available internationally from day one.

It’s frustrated not to have kindle products from day one internationally, especially for customers who aren’t buying Kindle because it’s kindle, not at all, they are buying kindle because it’s Amazon and for Amazon ecosystem. They do have tens of ebooks and hundreds of songs and movies from Amazon. People adores Amazon ecosystem, in the same way people adores Apple and its products.

… And the irony is that Both of Kobo and B&N had made similar products launches in the same time, that are very competitive to, for instance, Kindle Paperwhite. Even more, just today, B&N slashed their prices for their new backlit Nook (similar to paperwhite) in an attempt to hit the yet-to-be shipped Paperwhite!!! Ridiculous.


Mouaz Al Zayyat

September 2012

Toronto, Canada


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