Stephen Elop; the departing CEO of Nokia; has proven that you don’t need to be smart to lead a company to failure, you don’t need to know what you do, and you don’t need to know the ins & outs of your industry and business, rather it’s sufficient that you came from a big company and knew big shots there.

After around three years, Elop was forced out of Nokia after it reached its worst performance in its mobile business. What he did! He simply shut down their promising OS, partnered with Microsoft on a loosing deal for Lumia and failed miserably to launch Nokia flagship product and eventually he signed a deal to sell Nokia mobility to Microsoft.

What he got for all this mess, a $25 million payoff!! Very pathetic! As the say goes, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know!

And by the way, Stephen Elop is Canadian; from Ancaster, Ontario !!! So lovely!


How to fail miserably and yet get $25 millions!
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