Nokia, and before it was Microsoft, who counted on an aggressive marketing yet offensive strategy against the iPad to sell their own tablets, the surface and the new Nokia Lumia! Instead of demonstrating true value proposition and unique features, both Microsoft and Nokia ran ads that mocked the lack of physical keyboard on the iPad, as-if it’s the killing feature. The funny part is that it seems no one learned from history even after almost 6 years. Back in 2007, RIMM, Microsoft, Dell and many others mocked the same issue; the absence of physical keyboard on the iPhone, in the same way Nokia and Microsoft are doing it right now. And guess what, iPhone revenue alone is bigger than Microsoft and Nokia combined, not even including the iPad.

To put things in perspective, mid of this year 2013, Microsoft wrote off almost $1 billion dollars in Surface Tablets inventory!!! A billion dollars! It seems to me a lot of money and yet, they can’t get it even right!!!

Mouaz Al-Zayyat

Toronto 25 Nov 2013

The physical keyboard again…are you serious?
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