In my 25 years as a branding consultant, I’ve seen companies make major branding mistakes, some real doozies. One company wanted to tout itself as the most innovative, even though it spent zero dollars on research and development. Another acquired a well-respected competitor and then immediately changed its name, leaving millions of dollars worth of good will on the table. Those are obvious offenses. Many other companies make all-too-common–subtle yet avoidable–mistakes that sap the value right out of their brands. Here are five I would caution against.

Mistake No. 1:Equating branding with communications. Yes, branding includes communications. But if your branding strategy is all about messaging and advertising and nothing about business strategy or people, then you won’t be able to deliver on your communications. If you have lousy customer service, telling people it’s great will only drive customers away faster. But investing in training and infrastructure to improve service will enable you to market your great service and still look yourself in the mirror As more information about companies and products is available online, a great company and product are your brand’s only defense…

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5 Brand-Busting Mistakes to Avoid
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