…” 3C’s of communication; i.e. communicating in crisp/clear, consistent and consumer-centric way goes beyond marketing… even in our day-day life”-Mouaz


There’s a tendency, particularly in a tough economy, to try to be all things to all people. So some businesses that do X advertise that they also do Y and Z. They cast a wider net in hopes of bringing back whatever business they can get.

You actually stand a better chance of getting and keeping customers if you focus on what you do best and how it benefits them. Consumers are pickier than ever about whom they do business with, so you need to communicate your benefits if you want to stand out in the crowd. The way to do that is through the three C’s of effective communication. Take a look at your recent marketing efforts and see whether they pass the test of the 3 C’s.

…Learn these 3C’s here…

Use the 3 C’s of Communication

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