Whew! These are some challenging times. As I read the news daily I am struck by the fact that our economic woes are primarily management failures – failures in the areas of governance and strategy. This only inspires me to redouble my efforts to spread the word about integrating the strategic level of organizations with the task level via great project management discipline.

As the CEO of a small company, it’s hard to fathom how corporate leadership could let an organization come within weeks or months of complete meltdown without making radical changes to avert disaster. Granted, the sheer size of some of the businesses that have failed creates difficulty – the old “turning the battleship” phenomenon – but still, when it comes to strategic and financial failure, the role of the CEO is that the buck stops here. A closer track on whether or not the organization’s strategies were working, and workable, would have flagged approaching problems months, if not years, ago. A scoreboard of measures that included metrics beyond the short-term financial ones would have helped, too.

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2009: Thoughts from – and for – the C-Level
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