“… Although DuPont experience looks successful and insightful, yet, it triggers an important matter of governing the CEO succession process. Nurturing and setting up a governed and robust process for executives succession seems entirely forgotten subject in today’s corporate world”-Mouaz.

BusinessWeek This is not an easy time to nurture a new generation of corporate leaders. Training budgets are being slashed while a depressed housing market has made it harder to move around for better job opportunities. And yet the need for top talent is growing. A record 1,484 U.S.-based chief executives left their jobs in 2008, according to outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas. Many more could step down this year as losses mount and executive angst runs high. “The CEO job today is more stressful and draining than at any time in history,” says Tom Stemberg, the founder and former CEO of Staples (SPLS). “People have just run out of gas.”

At a time when corporations worldwide are crying out for new thinking, BusinessWeek (MHP) decided to take a look at some of the CEOs of tomorrow. These are senior executives who are not yet in the corner office but who have won the attention of headhunters, peers, and their own bosses. Some of the 20 leaders profiled in the next few pages are company veterans. Others have eclectic résumés that cite experience in different industries and jobs. What unites them is an understanding of the global marketplace as well as a knack for sensing and seizing new opportunities.

Read the full in-depth report from BusinessWeek here.

The Art of CEO Succession
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