…” I believe it’s a total change management and transformation of consumers’ behavior. Leveraging communities’ awareness for greenery products/services must be accompanied by solid, transparent and credible efforts by corporates, and not just greenery-looking ads or TV commericals.”-Mouaz

The Financial Times Consumers attach little credibility to companies’ environmental and social marketing messages, a study has found, in spite of the millions spent on “greening” the image of carmakers, oil companies and other industries.

The study of 20,000 people in 10 countries, released on Thursday by Havas Media, showed half of them were willing to pay a 10 per cent premium for sustainably produced goods and services in spite of the pressures of the economic crisis.

However, it also found that almost two-thirds believed that companies’ communications were mere “marketing tools” and lacked authenticity, citing this as an explanation for the frequent gap between consumers’ stated intentions to purchase responsibly and their actual behaviour.

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‘Greenwash’ hype fails to sway consumers

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