…’Very interesting studies! These two studies concluded that announcing goals are so self-restricting people from achieving as well as cultivating the wrong self-confidence! Leaders do need to watch such phenomena at work”-Mouaz

Newsweek Imagine being at one of those rare junctures in life where you make a major personal commitment: You decide you’re going to become a vegan and take up yoga, or earn a million bucks by the time you’re 40, or become a scientist or lawyer. Difficult things, things that take a lot of effort. It’s a bold step just to declare these goals and plans and intentions privately. But what’s the best chance for upping your chances for success? Do you publicly announce your epiphany, and include your family and friends and colleagues in your dream? Or should you just put your head down and do all the hard work without fanfare?

Traditional thinking has held that it’s best to make a public declaration, maybe even more than one. Enlisting others in your hopes will shore up your intentions, and motivate you to work toward your new-found goal. But is this folk wisdom sound? Psychologists have been exploring this question, and some recent studies are now raising doubts about the “going public” strategy. Indeed, it appears that some people may mistake the talking for the doing—and end up failing for lack of hard work.

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Talking the Talk

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