… Once again, Mr.Qubein makes a wonderful addition for professionals to be masters at exactly what they are good to do. Center for Creative Leadership ‘CCL’ and Jack Welch oftenly advise professionals to consider Self-Awareness as the first step towards doing what they perfectly do. Thanks Mr.Qubein’ — Mouaz

‘It is a fact of life that none of us can be all things to all people. The most successful professionals are those who find a highly profitable niche, for which they are well suited and qualified, and give that specialized area everything they’ve got.

What focusing will do for you:
It will enable you to make the most of your skills, resources and opportunities — focused power is concentrated power.

Focusing will also make it easier for people to identify you and understand what you do. That means people who want to buy your services and products will know instantly what you can do for them. And it means that people who work with you will know more about how to contribute toward reaching your goals.

What can you do best? One of the most common mistakes professionals make is that they spend all their time doing things they are not really qualified to do. If, for instance, we are running a small organization, we may have to wear many hats. Or, if we are working for a large organization, we tend to gravitate toward those positions that seem to have the greatest demand at the moment.

The fact is that most of us can do many things, and some of those things we can do pretty well. But usually, there are one or two things each of us can do best. That is where our real strength lies.

A recent survey of America’s top sales performers revealed that one of the keys to their success was that they always kept positioning themselves to play to their greatest strengths. They picked out the one or two things they could do best, and kept trying to put themselves in positions where they could use their greatest strengths.

Of course, like all of us, they sometimes had to take detours — they had to be good team players and temporarily perform in roles they were not best suited for. But they always kept uppermost in their minds that they were working their way back to the roles which utilized their greatest strengths and compensated for their weaknesses.

But how does a person know what he or she can do best? One way is to take a look at what we are most naturally suited for. We can get in touch with what we most naturally gravitate toward; we can study our strongest natural abilities; and we can focus on our deepest desires and interests.

Another way — and maybe a more reliable way — is to take a close look at what our education and experience best qualify us to do. Those things are usually the most familiar to us, the things we know the most about, and they are the areas where we are most credible to others.

The important point to remember is that, in any profession, we will usually be most productive doing those few things that we do best and most enjoy doing.

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Find Your Niche
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