… The following management tip and article from Harvard Business Publishing urge companies to seek creative ideas; during the current financial crisis, from within their most important asset; its employees! Indeed and unarguably, this proposition stands viable only if it’s been cultivated over years and culturely cornerstoned. Ideas generations, reviews, validations , prototying and approval towards production require a business process framework, ownership and organizational maturity that is usually built over years. I tend to believe that in times of crisises, people tend; in culturely-constrained environment, to be more conservative to share knowledge, be forthcoming; not to mention being innovative. Such mindset has to be defined and nutured in the good times first!— Mouaz

“Growing your business is difficult in this economy, but absolutely essential to survival. Seek growth ideas from an often overlooked source of innovation — ask your people. Start by laying out a vision of where you want the organization to go. Then list the company’s assets, map its capabilities, and identify new trends in the market. Not only will you tap an easily accessible source of ideas, you will ensure your people are engaged in the company’s future. They will have their fingerprints all over it. ”

… Read the full article here: http://hbdm.harvardbusiness.org/email/archive/managementtip.php?date=071009

Ask Your People for Growth Ideas
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