… One more emphasis on the importance of listening in today’s turblent business world! I blogged in this site how executives ignored or failed to listen to risk managers to avoid the financial crisis. Absence or avoidance of active listening proves costing corporates trillions of US dollars! – Mouaz.

“You’re tuning out and you don’t even know it. Slow down and open your ears.

Seasoned management consultant Harry Levinson wrote a book called Ready, Fire, Aim: Avoiding Management By Impulse. Its core message: Only after considering a series of options–and not just the ones apparent in the heat of the moment–can you hope to make consistently decent decisions. In short, it’s about the importance of listening.

Obvious stuff, right? And yet, no matter how eloquently (or persistently) conveyed, somehow that message doesn’t really sink in–especially with the entrepreneurial crowd. Blame it on DNA: Entrepreneurs by nature are anti-authoritarian juvenile delinquents. Taking advice isn’t their thing.

Pile those instincts on top of a natural inability to listen that comes from being, well, human. Scores of studies have demonstrated that people accurately comprehend or internalize a dismal 25%-50% of what they hear. Think about it: What’s the most common gripe among unhappily married husbands and wives? “You’re not listening to me!” Why do talented managers jump from one corporation to another? When they feel that senior management has all but turned a deaf ear to their needs and concerns.”

… Read the full article: http://www.forbes.com/2009/07/09/how-to-listen-entrepreneurs-management-berglas.html

Learning The Art Of Listening
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