“Complexity is one of the largest problems plaguing organizations, and most leaders yearn for more simplicity. But don’t confuse simple with easy. Ridding your organization, department, or process of unnecessary complexity requires careful attention. Remember these three Cs when trying to restore simplicity: Collaboration. Silos are the enemy of simplicity. Work across the organization to identify where the complexity is and together improve the way business is done. Coordination. Smooth coordination is critical to finding simple solutions to the problems you’re trying to solve. Communication. Once you’ve gotten rid of complexity, you can be sure it will try to find its way back in. Open and regular communication will allow you to identify it before it takes hold.”

Full article:http://web.hbr.org/email/archive/iphone/managementtip/tip.php?date=121609

Mind the 3 Cs of Simplicity

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