Does an MBA Make You a Better CEO? – Another perspective

This is an interesting research by Herminia Ibarra and Morten T. Hansen and published in HBR on 20th Jan 2010. The insights Ibarra and Hansen provided are pretty much related to the Age factor and Entry to the executiveship. The research had concluded that CEO’s with MBAs are stronger, if they become CEO’s before year 2000 and where younger than 50 yrs old. Amazing, isn’t it? The study also concluded that CEO’s with MBAs were 40% better in performance compared to the other 2000 CEO’s scanned by Ibarra and Hansen. I remembered that around 28% of the best performing CEO’s in HBR list in 2009 had MBA’s. This is of course form reviewing the free HBR copy which showed the meta information for only 50 CEOs!.