Micromanage at Your Peril: Another perspective

This article by Christina Bielaszka-DuVernay published in Feb 2008 is quite interesting. The article was quoted recently by a leadership guru; Marshall Goldsmith in 18 Feb 2010 article titled “The Mark of a Great Leader”. Though Goldsmith main focus on his article was Self-Awareness as a leadership skill, he contended that micromanagement is one of the first things leaders should notice about their leadership style, and simply, stop doing it!

For Christina, though she contended that micromanagement is a ‘natural tendency’, and ‘might reveal opportunities for improvement’, she concluded that the typical result of such out-dated style is ’employees’ disengagement’. She presented wonderful cases and demonstrated solid numbers to expose the cost and perils of micromanagement. Please go thru her article.

Are You Micromanaging Yourself?

The term micromanager is now so well known that it crops up in even the most casual of workplace conversations. Its popularity is no surprise, given that it’s a word you use to blame the other guy: “He’s such a micromanager” is tailor-made for whispered complaints around the water cooler or in the break room.

But micromanagement isn’t always inflicted by one person on another. You can easily be the unknowing victim of your own masochism. Self-micromanagement is hard to see, but it often impedes your ability to get things done, whether you’re working for yourself or with a team. There’s little incentive to recognize it because, after all, who are you going to complain to?